affirmations are not total bs

a few weeks ago, i overheard a couple of students talking before class about sugar. the one woman had completely given it up years ago and was trying to convince others of the benefits. she challenged everyone to go one week without sugar and report back the following monday at class. i have always had a total sweet tooth and struggle to cut back, so i thought, “sign me up!”

when i started paying attention, i was amazed at my level of addiction when it came to sugar. i would crave something sweet after EVERY SINGLE MEAL (even if it was just a bite to ‘finish off ‘), and for snacks during the day i also wanted fake-“healthy” processed shit (granola-type bars).

i didn’t even last ONE DAY. on the first day, i caved. usually i’m bull-headed when it comes to making arbitrary decisions for myself and sticking with them, but this had me totally whipped.

even though i tried hard, that whole week was a failure. i attempted several times to ‘let go’ and start over, but i gave in time after time. it was pretty eye-opening.

as monday approached, i was a little nervous about what i would say if it came up. terrible as it sounds, i was somewhat relieved when i saw my sugar-free student had already come to an earlier class and wouldn’t make it to mine.

i was even more determined for the second week. not only did i want to be ready to report back if it came up, but i really wanted to see how my body would handle operating sans sugar. but again, it proved to be too much for me.

i felt embarrassed and, honestly, a little ashamed. it seemed like something so trivial, and somehow i just couldn’t do it.

i googled “meditation for quitting sugar” and clicked on one of the first links. it included a 7 1/2 minute video of affirmations to quit sugar. i’ve heard that affirmations can work wonders, but honestly i’ve never totally bought into it. how could just saying something positive really make that big of a difference? regardless, i figured i’d give it a shot. the soothing woman’s voice would say a simple positive statement twice, then leave space for the listener to repeat it silently or aloud. i chose to say them out loud. i got about 3 minutes into it before turning it off. i concluded that it was a little too woo-woo for my taste.


and that’s it. that’s all i did. i didn’t think it was anything. i didn’t even finish it!

but somehow, after my next meal, i didn’t really feel like i needed something sweet.
and same with the next meal. and the meal after that. not joking.

i had spent two weeks trying as hard as i could to cut back on sugar, failing miserably. then i told myself (out loud) things like “i am in control of my body” and “i make good choices for myself,” even though i wasn’t fully into it. and somehow it made a serious impact on me.

it’s been almost two weeks now, and i haven’t felt the need to consume all things sugar when they are around me. that said, i haven’t tried to quit sugar completely … but the few times i have had it, it actually felt like it wasn’t that big a deal. i didn’t feel like i needed it. and for the first time ever, i have been refusing samples and sweets offered to me. even at costco!

another seemingly miraculous effect is that i no longer get daily headaches. i had been getting them for months; i even talked to my doctor about possibly switching my birth control in case it was causing them, when in fact sugar was the culprit.

i don’t really understand how it happened, but it seems the affirmations flipped a switch in me that has at least temporarily helped me drastically cut back on my sugar intake.

maybe it will help you? if not, at least you only waste up to seven and a half minutes of your life trying it. this time of year is usually a tough one, as christmas cookies and holiday treats are EVERYWHERE … so i am really glad to have gotten my cravings under control.

do you struggle with sugar?
how do you handle cravings?
do you use affirmations in your life?
did the video help you?

let me know in the comments!

in any case, cookies or not, i hope your christmas is the sweetest!




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