i went out with a small group of yoga teachers and students recently after a class, and we got on the topic of why we started yoga. one of the teachers shared that she believes that people need to hit 'rock-bottom' to really start the practice. something about that phrasing stuck with me - probably … Continue reading rock-bottom

there and back

going through hard times changes us. we don't always come out stronger; we do come out different. sometimes it takes distance to evaluate and digest. time helps to heal. in the best cases, strength and wisdom emerge. in any case, sharing our struggles can be therapeutic. ---x--- i had a few scares early in pregnancy … Continue reading there and back

partner pose class

next monday night -- bring a friend and enjoy a movement practice built for two! mon, feb 12 6pm balanced living yoga studio boyne city, mi drop in or use your class card! more details : partner pose class